Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cooler Master's latest fan, The Xtraflo

Cooler Master is revving up the computing world once again with its new XtraFlo computer fan. Possessing a rippling red PWM fan design, and compact, versatile hub, this unique, ingenious design provides a powerful airflow to cool even the most sizzling gaming computers. Anti-vibration rubber pads surround the edges, soothing the vibration of high RPMs, allowing concentration on the game, not the whirr of the computer. Central to this design is Cooler Master’s own DynaLoop™ Bearing mastery, allowing for an extended life and greater performance. Ultimately, the XtraFlo fan will be the coolest choice for the hottest computers.

DynaLoop™ Bearing Technology
Featured in the XtraFlo design is the DynaLoop™ Bearing, crafted by Cooler Master ingenuity. These fluid dynamic bearings are encompassed by a liquefied cushion, eliminating contact between the bearings, thus greatly reducing friction so the fan can revolve silently unhindered. DynaLoop™ Bearing technology also drastically reduces common oil-loss seen in other fans, which incomparably extends the life of the fan, and therefore the use of your computer.

A Crimson Wave Airflow
A 7-blade, red wave of air will rush through your box with this fan design, keeping both your processor and your personal computing architecture conditioned to the appropriate climate. Accompanied by an additional red LED and PWM fan control, with settings between 800 to 2200 RPMs, intertwined within this cunning design, the XtraFlo is designed to suit the needs of any gamer with any hardware.

For Europe the fan will only be exclusive available on the Cooler Master shop.

Detailed Specs of the XtraFlo Fan

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