Monday, February 28, 2011

First Production Lockheed F-35A Takes Flight in Texas

I will see if a video of this can be found anywhere and then upload it to the blog.
DailyTech - First Production Lockheed F-35A Takes Flight in Texas

OS X 10.7 Features Revealed; You get OS X server for Free .... yes Apple is giving something away for free

Ok, I will cover the main highlights of the Mac OS 10.7 Lion release to developers. 

Most important of all, if you got the release from any place other than your Apple developer account using the App store, then the first thing you will want to do is block this web address using
Little Snitch. The web address is The release "calls back" Apple and provides it information about your IP address, location etc. If you get caught using the release
other than through the $99 yearly fee developer account, it might render you liable to a ban from Apple.
Little Snitch as most of the Mac users know is a firewall and network intrusion protection software. This will help block the distro from calling back and stop you from getting pwned. Its not free, but its worth every penny you pay for it.

The OS has plenty of requirements/installation notes. Among the highlights are:
1) You must have a Core 2 Duo or better.
2) Installing to a software Raid configuration is not currently available and may render your volume unusable (will be in the future)
3) Lion Server (if you plan on installing it) must be installed on an empty disk. (at least Lion Server is free. maybe Apple woke up to the fact that not many people will pay a fortune for a "Mac" server
when you can get other better performing ones for a better bargain).
4) You cannot be running an iMac (circa 2006 -- iMac support will likely be added for the final release)
5) You must disable FileVault in Snow Leopard before upgrading to Lion. Lion has replaced this feature with a new version of encryption software.
6) Your volumes will not be readable by past versions of OS X. (lets hope Paragon NTFS in future comes out with a patch for it or NTFS 3G which is free).
7) If you plan on using Boot Camp, you need version 3.2 or later.

For the rest of the mundane promotional stuff, follow this link.
DailyTech - OS X 10.7 Features Revealed; Shaping up to be Bigger Release Than Usual

Apple Macbook 2011 refresh

Well, many bought into the rumour that the MacBook refresh would include AMD's next gen Fusion processors. However, as can been in the link beloew, that has not been the case.
Apple have stayed with Intel's Sandybridge architecture and have chosen to go with dual core i5's and i7's in the mainstream MacBooks and i7 Quad-Core processors in the
higher end MacBook Pros'. The 13 inch product has finally been upgraded from Core 2 Duo to an i5 Dual-Core. The most out of place so to say spec in the entire sheet is the inclusion of
5400 Rpm HDD's instead of the 7200 Rpm ones.

Lightpeak finally makes it way into the Apple lineup. Apple never had the intention of jumping in on the USB 3 bandwagon. This might result in them getting a lead over everyone else
as far as connectivity is concerned. Follow the link for the rest of the details.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Help us, say workers to Apple

Our pleasure, the workers pain.
Chinese factory workers making touchscreens for Apple’s iPhone and iPad have asked for help over a case of chemical poisoning.
The workers, employed by Wintek, a Taiwanese owner of a factory in the Suzhou industrial park in Eastern China have been using n-hexane to clean touchscreens between May 2008 and August 2009.
n-hexane evaporates faster than alcohol and was used to speed up the production of touchscreens. Unfortunately, the workers had to stop using it when it was found to be making them ill. They were feeling numb in the hands, and also had feet swelling and were fainting.

Pictures of iPad2 leaked

A few days before the iPad 2 is released, pictures of the iPad 2 have already leaked out. As you can see from the pictures, it is quite evident that the iPad 2 is smaller than the original iPad.  The sides are also a bit more tapered than its predecessor.

 Here you can easily see that the back has been completely flattened out by Apple. It no longer has the same curved back as before. Even the tone of silver is more deeper than before.

Here you can see a front facing camera. Also it seems as though the rumours about the Retina Display being kept for iPad 3 are true.

 An Apples to apple comparison. You can see the difference in size quite clearly. This new iPad is literally the little brother of the two. Near the top right is what seems like a USB port.

Finally, here you can see the the speaker at the bottom left and in the centre, the dock connector.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer

The first in-game Battlefield 3 gameplay footage has hit the internet and has sent shockwaves through the gaming industry. It looks to totally redefine the Battlefield series and features a brand new engine in the form of Frostbite 2.0.

iPad to be introduced on March 2

Apple have today sent out invitations to a media event for March 2nd in San Fransisco which is presumably for their iPad 2. The event is to be held at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

 So here we have a Calendar icon showing a little behind its skirt of the upcoming iPad 2 and of the who can miss the date - March 2, 2011

Intel show off 32 nm Itanium "Poulson" Processors

Intel unveiled its next-generation Itanium processor, codenamed Poulson at ISSCC (International Solid-State Circuits Conference) this week. This new octal-core processor is easily the most significant update to Itanium Intel has ever built and is aimed to turn the tables at the highest-end of the server / mainframe market.This may well be the chip to get rid off the negative vibes associated with this chip since it was launched 10 years ago.

Apple nudges aside succession plans

Time flies by
Apple has beaten off efforts to reveal succession plans for the time when Steve Jobs is no longer in charge of the company.
The proposal was made by the Central Laborers Fund during the company's annual shareholder meeting.
Steve Jobs, who is on his third medical leave of absence, did not attend the event at Apple's headquarters in California.

A preliminary proxy count on the controversial measure suggested the fund proposal had been defeated.
It was a move that disappointed Jennifer O'Dell who made the proposal on behalf of the fund which represents 500,000 construction workers across the US and Canada.

Microsoft Releases Windows 7 SP1 - Installation + Download link

Microsoft has released Windows 7 Service Pack 1. This was highly anticipated in the last few weeks and finally it has been released to the general public. I am writing this right now using the SP1. As usual Microsoft recommends that you use Windows Update to get the SP1.

Here is the download link if you would like an offline install

Installation method
Estimated amount of free disk space required

Windows Update
x86-based (32-bit): 750 MB
x64-based (64-bit): 1050 MB

Downloading SP1 from the Microsoft website
x86-based (32-bit): 4100 MB
x64-based (64-bit): 7400 MB

Installing SP1 using an installation DVD
x86-based (32-bit): 4100 MB
x64-based (64-bit): 7400 MB

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nvidia Quad Core code name: Kal -El

So we have all read about the Kal-El by now, a few are salivating thinking about the possibility of playing Crysis on it!. Here is a video announcing it and a little demo of just how powerful it is. Also a video of a prototype tablet is included.

Lg Star Optimus 2X vs iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S

Which one do you think is faster? Check it out for yourself.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Russian underground hidden base, Bond style.

English Russia » Russian Underground Submarine Base


Radioactive Chernobyl army scrap

English Russia » Chernobyl Scrap Metal


Top 20 High-tech Bathtubs That Drench You With Luxury - Homeqn

Yup, these bathtubs are truly for those who like to live life kingsize. Don't believe me, check the following link out.

Top 20 High-tech Bathtubs That Drench You With Luxury - Homeqn


Gaming vs Girlfriend

Gaming Vs. Girlfriend |


Republicans Move To Block Net Neutrality Rules

Republicans Move To Block Net Neutrality Rules

Intel to Ship 10-core CPUs in First Half of 2011

On Thursday, an Intel spokesperson said that its upcoming 10-core "Westmere-EX" Xeon processor (pdf) will launch during the first half of 2011. The chip follows Intel's 2010 release of the Nehalem-EX CPU,the fastest Intel server processor at present on the market sporting up to eight cores. 

The new Xeons will sport additional security features including Advanced Encryption Standard-New Instructions (AES-NI) for faster encryption and decryption of data. The processor will be manufactured using 32nm processing technology. The current Nehalem-EX's are made using the 45nm process.

The Intel spokesperson added that Westmere-EX will be targeted at high-end servers--those with up to eight sockets--in data centers maintaining large databases and other applications. Each physical core will run up to two threads, providing servers with the ability to run up to 160 threads simultaneously (8 processors @ 20 threads each).

In addition to the improved design, the new Xeon will be socket-compatible with existing Nehalem-EX chips, making it easy for customers to upgrade server processors. Two-socket systems running on Westmere-EX chips will also support up to 2 TB of memory.

Comcast Rolls Out Full-time 3D TV Channel

Comcast Rolls Out Full-time 3D TV Channel

'Unstoppable' is First Blu-ray Android Digital Copy

'Unstoppable' is First Blu-ray Android Digital Copy

Teenage Boy Murders Mother Over PlayStation

Teenage Boy Murders Mother Over PlayStation

2012 BMW 1-Series M Coupe raw footage - driving and beauty shots

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Intel announces new manufacturing plant in presence of Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama completed his little date with leaders in the tech industry with a tour of Intel's Hillsboro, Oregon manufacturing facility. Intel has always remained doggedly dedicated to being a U.S company from start to finish. Intel plans on creating over 4,000 jobs this year outside other future endeavors.

Obama seemed very impressed by the facility. "We just had an amazing tour. One of my staff said it's like magic. I had a chance to see everything from an electron microscope, to the inside of the microprocessor plant--the clean room. Of all the gadgets you got here, what actually most impressed me is the students and science projects here."
Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel, was on hand as host and also made the announcement of Intel's new facility coming to Arizona. It is going to be named Fab 42 and will be a $5 billion facility dedicated to 14 nanometer development and manufacturing as well as future projects. This is on top of the plans for a 14 nanometer facility that will be added on to the existing Oregon complex.

As my friend joked, on knowing this, Droid army anyone?

BMW X1 2012

We are in the second month of 2011 and already we have a view of the BMW X1 2012 model. Here is a video for your enjoyment.

BMW X1 2011 videos

Apollo 18 Trailer ..... Who is out there?

We all ask this question sometime or the other, Are we alone in the Universe? Did creation stop at mankind? Apollo 18 is a sci - fi horror movie made around the Apollo 18 mission. Apollo 18 is filmed in the documentary style similar to The Blair witch project. The trailer teases with retort "There's a reason we've never gone back to the moon". Being an amateur astronomer myself, I have asked myself this question many times while peering through my telescope into the vast unending night sky, "I wonder if some one out there is looking back at me just like I am looking at them?"

What goes on in a woman's mind during an orgasm .... Technology to the rescue

What goes on in a woman's mind during an orgasm

Friday, February 18, 2011

NVIDIA Readying GeForce GTX 550 Ti for March

NVIDIA is reportedly working on a new mainstream GPU for a mid-March launch. The graphics giant is planning to name it GeForce GTX 550 Ti, that's right, "GTX" prefix and "Ti" suffix monikers being extended to the core mainstream, in place of the typical "GTS". The new GPU will be based on the 40 nanometer GF116 silicon. Its exact specifications are not known, except that the GPU will use a 128-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface, and will be pin-compatible with GF106, on which is based the GeForce GTS 450. Its performance is estimated to be up to 35% higher than ATI Radeon HD 5770. Due to an electrical redesign over GF106, the GTX 550 Ti is expected to have a TDP of just 110W, nearly the same as that of the GTS 450, except having higher performance. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti is slated for release on 15 March, 2011.


Yup thats right ..... 10 months of giveaways and about 3 or more a month. The contest is open for residents of North America only. Since I don't live in America, I thought you guys might like to enter and try your luck (most contests are for NA residents only) :(

The contest starts in February and ends in November 2011. Enjoy!



BitTorrent Seeders: Driven By Profit? |

BitTorrent Seeders: Driven By Profit? |


Introduction - Sound Blaster Tactic3D Sigma Gaming Headset Review | [H]ard|OCP

Introduction - Sound Blaster Tactic3D Sigma Gaming Headset Review | [H]ard|OCP


Dead Island Official Trailer

Here is the official Dead Island Trailer. Funny how more and more games are beginning to look like Resident Evil with the undying zombies. That said, if the trailer is anything to go by, we are in for a real good graphics treat. This almost looks real. Well, only the actual game will reveal that.

Beware, the images are graphic, the blood and gore are well .... just what you would expect.

Suspended Water .... Yes you read that right!

So can you suspend water? Its not a magic trick. For those who believe this cannot be done, check out this really cool video.

We all know Steve is supposedly sick, but Apple is healthy

Is that Steve Jobs?
So, a lot of people do not trust National Enquirer. By now we all know that Steve Jobs has about 6 weeks to live, as the reports go. According to an analyst who told the Boston Herald, that while Jobs may be the heart and soul of the company, he has turned Apple into an entity capable of sustaining itself for a long to come.

Wrong call, Says Intel to Nokia

Steve Ballmer never ceases to amaze with his expressions.
Intel CEO Paul Otellini claims Nokia made the wrong decision siding with Microsoft. That is somewhat expected now isn't it.
He told analysts that "I wouldn't have made the decision [Nokia CEO Stephen Elop] made, I would probably have gone to Android if I were him," and that of course, "MeeGo would have been the best strategy but he concluded he couldn't afford it."
According to Otellini, both Google and Microsoft were waving thick wads of cash in their air, crying out for Nokia to choose them. Nokia's decision has left Intel a heartbroken valentine for the moment (and just around that time too), but Otellini is confident "we will find another partner." This he says is because "the carriers still want a third ecosystem and the carriers want an open ecosystem, and that's the thing that drives our motivation."
A third ecosystem, that's what he said. But how does that affect you and I. Lets hope this new "marriage of convenience" ends up in cheaper phones for the users.

Xperia play hands on in Taipei

Source: Tweaktown

Here is a hands on video of the Sony Xperia Play at Taipei MWC 2011.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sony Xperia Pro

Sony did keep something secret and that just happens to be the Sony Xperia Pro. It seems this was the only one about which info was not leaked before its release. Here are a few videos for your enjoyment.

Sony Xperia Play!

Finally its out! the Sony Xperia Play (PSP Phone) was finally revealed at MWC 2011 yesterday. Here is a video from Endgadget and the other two, one being the entire 22 minutes of the official presentation of the Sony Xperia Play and the other from Phandroid. Needless to say, this phone really is drool worthy.

Sony Xperia Neo

So the Xperia is most probably going to be out of your budget. Then just like me, you have your eyes on its more affordable sibling, The Sony Xperia Neo. It has an 8.1 megapixel camera round the back, Sony Ericsson's "human curvature" design, and the same Bravia screen technology as the Arc. The sides are extremely shiny and there's an abundance of plastic on show. Here are a few videos of this phone.

Sony Xperia Arc Video

Well, Sony showed off their hot new stuff yesterday at MWC 2011. So here two videos of the Sony Xperia Arc. This should give you a good incling as to how good the Sony refresh is.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bridge over Sandy(bridge) waters

Intel’s processors work perfectly. The company guarantees this.All H67 and P67 boards have two sets of SATA ports. Four of these support 3 Gbps operation and two support the faster 6Gbps speeds. Each of these sets requires its own PLL source. This problem in the chipset has been traced back to a transistor in the 3Gbps PLL clocking tree. This transistor has a very thin gate oxide which allows you to turn it on with a very low voltage. The mistake that Intel made was biasing the transistor with too high of a voltage which caused a higher than expected leakage current. Each transistor will operate slightly differently, so over

time the leakage current can cause a failure on the 3Gbps ports. Luckily the fact that the 3Gbps and 6Gbps circuits have their own independent clocking trees helps ensure that the problem will be only limited to ports 2-5 of the controller.

OK. Now we know where the problem is – we need to ask “How much of an issue is it ?”
For Intel, the answer is simple. The product is outside the specification which they set, which means it is not correct and must be cancelled/returned/buried in a pit and forgotten about.

Dell Streak 7 released: is it any good?

Source: Kitguru

This is Dell’s latest attempt to compete with the Apple iPad, and it is the least expensive tablet yet released from a major manufacturer. Dell are also claiming it is capable of 4G speeds, with Wifi connectivity offered. As we all expected it runs Google’s Android operating system and contains the nVidia Tegra processor which is going to be powering many tablets in 2011.
Click for larger image and "Read more" for video review from The Digital Digest.
The Wall Street Journal have an early sample of the product and it doesn’t seem to have left that positive an impression on Walter S Mossberg.

Gigabyte releases free tool to check your afflicted Sandybridge Board

Intel's Sandy Bridge chip problem is causing quite a stir of emotions. Selling these boards in retail is going to be hard for the next few months. How can you tell a customer to buy a board which is inherently faulty. Thankfully, Gigabyte now has a free tool to check 6-series motherboards for their SATA problem. It will check if the installed hard drives are connected to the defective SATA ports and check whether the board is prone to the said defect. Not all 6-series motherboards have the issue, so this tool is a saviour especially for people who have already bought their boards and are anxious about its health.
Gigabyte 6 Series SATA Utility Link

Stephen Hawking's Mad Scientist Experiment: Who Fired the Shot?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thermaltake Level 10GT case launches

Since the first time I saw the Level 10 case from Thermaltake, I wanted one. Alas, there wasn't a cheaper option. However all that changed at CES 2011, when a newer, albeit more practical and level headed desing of this case was revealed. Cue in the Thermaltake Level 10 GT chassis. Finally, a new version of the chassis is now available that has the same style and compartmentalized design as the sexy, show-stopping Level 10.

Please Click for a larger image.

The case is a collaboration between Thermaltake and the BMW Design Group just as the original was. The changes are little things that will make a big difference. The little updates include better airflow with 200mm fans along with a 140mm rear fan. The case has USB 3.0 connectivity and will now accept video cards up to 37cm in length.

The case has a MSRP of $269 and has five internal hot-swap drive bays for 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch HDDs. The case also has a design that will work with liquid cooling for the CPUs. It supports eight PCIe slots and will work with SLI or Crossfire multiple video cards.

Product page link: Thermaltake

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

What is the internet? That question got a NBC Employee fired

It looks like NBC’s sense of humor is reserved for its comedy shows with none left over for real life. The video was put up on YouTube and went viral almost immediately, causing NBC to react by canning the employee. Seventeen years ago asking "What is the Internet, anyway?" was a legitimate question and some are still asking that same question today. 

iPad 2 to be revealed this week?

There's speculation that Apple may finally announce the iPad 2 this week as originally rumoured, possibly slated for a big reveal during a yet-unannounced iOS 4.3 launch event. Previous rumors pointed to a February 9 introduction for the iPad 2-- on Wednesday.

Last year Apple held two separate events: the first was Apple's formal iPad introduction while the second announced the new Apple iOS 4.0. Given that the tablet and operating system are now receiving a refresh, it's believed that Apple will simply combine the two announcements into one big press conference.

Master Chief back .... again in Halo 1

So we all liked Halo - Combat Evovled. But now Microsoft has plans to re-release the iconic game's 1st installment again on its 10th anniversary.
As for doing new things with Halo, rumors are circulating that Microsoft will involve Kinect in the next rendition, but that game is unlikely to arrive in 2011.

Verizon hits iPhone for a home run

Thanks to its first day sales, Verizon just hit a grand slam home run with its iPhone. The phone was offered to existing customers on February 3rd at 3am, and broke all sales records by 5am. Verizon must be doing something right or AT&T is doing something very wrong.

Many buyers want an iPhone, but not so badly that they are willing to move to AT&T. That company’s service problems are legendary, coverage can be spotty and the service is expensive.

Ever wondered why the weather recently has been .... stormy... read on

If you haven’t noticed the weather lately, you are in the minority. Weather patterns worldwide have been affected for the worse with multiple record winter storms, increasingly severe tornados, massive flooding and mega-hurricanes. Scientists and climatologists have been quick to place the cause on global warming, but now are beginning to suspect a greater phenomenon as the root cause.

Suddenly, in the past decade the rate sped up. Now the magnetic pole is shifting East at a rate of 40 miles annually, an increase of 800 percent. And it continues to accelerate.

Cast Away: One family's tryst with the wilderness of not using any Tech equipment.

How easy would it be to disconnect yourself from the electronic world for a six month stint? Hard you say? For the greater majority of modern folk, it would be a nearly impossible feat. Susan Maushart and her three teenage children took the plunge and came out all the better for the experience. They lost me at the juncture of totally going off the electrical grid for a few weeks. big grin

Like so many teens, they couldn't do their homework without simultaneously listening to music, updating Facebook and trading instant messages. If they were amused, instead of laughing, they actually said "LOL" aloud. Her girls had become mere "accessories of their own social-networking profile, as if real life were simply a dress rehearsal (or more accurately, a photo op) for the next status update."

Need guidance on how to grow pot, call the Cops!

Yes you  heard that right, call the cops. The Darwin Award this week has to go to a Connecticut man who called 911 with questions regarding the legality of growing pot on his property. His answer was delivered personally by the police department.big grin

iPad game for Cats? Meoww

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, here comes a cat app for your pet….that is if your pet has an iPad handy or would that be paw-dy?  Several of the big boys at the Conservators’ Center in North Carolina gave the iPad with the app a test drive. You can now understand the frezy over the iPad by watching even animals enjoy using it!

Android Market finally hits the web :: TweakTown USA Edition

Android Market finally hits the web :: TweakTown USA Edition

Asus Has a 'Secret Weapon' Against iPad 2

Asus Has a 'Secret Weapon' Against iPad 2

HP Wants to Be Cooler than Apple

HP Wants to Be Cooler than Apple

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Volkswagen has Darth Vader!

Here is a new Volkswagen Passat commercial. The car is slated to launch in the summer of 2011. Its expected price is about $20000. However, the purpose of this post is to show you the commercial which boasts of a pint sized Darth Vader who discovers the power of the Force. A very innocent commercial and very good gem indeed.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reuters has a witness for the iPad 2!!

Reuters claims to have an eye witness who saw an iPad 2 at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. event yesterday. As far as we can tell, the witness didn’t get a very close look at the device, as all he managed to glean from the glimpse was that it has a front-facing camera “at the top edge of the glass screen.” A front-facing camera for video calling been rumored since the last iPad launched, so there’s no surprise there, but this is notable in that it’s the first reported sighting of a working prototype.

Microsoft Launches Throwaway Hotmail Addresses,12135.html?sms_ss=email&at_xt=4d4cdb31b320f4fb%2C0#xtor=RSS-995

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

BMW and PSA Peugeot Citroen partner for future hybrid tech, put that Great War thing behind them

The last century saw no shortage of disputes between the French and the Germans, but in this century everything's going to be totally cool. BMW and PSA Peugeot Citroën, the company that quite naturally owns the Peugeot and Citroën marques, have come to form a partnership focused on the creation of advanced hybrid systems. The name for this new partnership? BMW Peugeot Citroën Electrification, quite naturally. The fruit of this holy union will be better battery packs, generators, and electronics that will not only help the manufacturers that have joined together here, but will also be sold to other manufacturers who need a little help from their friends. We'll have to wait a little while before we see any results, though: actual components aren't expected to hit the road until 2014 at the earliest -- coincidently about 100 years since things got awfully testy at Alsace-Lorraine.





ASUS Introduces New High-End DirectCu II Series Graphics Cards

ASUS has launched an entire range of DirectCU II-enhanced graphics cards that include the latest technologies from both AMD and NVIDIA GPU rosters. On the AMD side, ASUS offers the HD 6970 and HD 6950 graphics cards with DirectCU II while for NVIDIA, the GTX 580, GTX 570 and new GTX 560 Ti all ship with the advanced cooling technology.

Can your system run ......... Crysis 2!

Yes that's what is going to be asked from now on. "Can it run Crysis 2". Crytek have released the system requirements for the new installment of the very popular game for you to cry over.

GIGABYTE Launches New NVIDIA® GeForceTM GT 440 Series Graphics Cards

February 1st, 2011 - GIGABYTE Technology Co. LTD. has launched the latest GeForceTM GT 440 series graphics cards, GV-N440TC-1GI and GV-N440D3-1GI.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Samsung offers full refund for Intel customers

Samsung Electronics issued a statement yesterday, saying that any of their customers who bought an Intel system with the flawed chipset will be entitled to a full refund.

“There are six PC line-ups released in Korea and one in the US, and we plan to fully refund or exchange the product in question,” Samsung spokesman James Chung said.
The issues with the new Intel chipset could be potentially quite serious, causing hard drives and DVD drives to malfunction over time. Samsung have said however that there will be no financial impact on their business as total payment will be funded by Intel.

Wozniak admits "white" iPhone 4 has glitch

Speaking to Engadget editor Joshua Topolosky, Woz admitted he actually ordered the parts for the white iPhone from the New York teen that managed to obtain them from Foxconn. Woz said that when he tried to take a picture with his newly reassembled white iPhone 4 (flash on) it looked as if the photograph had been taken through cellophane.

Woz went on to say that Apple has since solved this problem and that the white iPhone 4 should be available soon.

Here is his video with endgadget

VOTW: Man Makes ''Death Ray'' with Satellite Dish

Remeber how when you were a kid, you used to use your magnifying glass to burn paper, if yes, then you’ll understand what Eric Jacqmain from Indiana has done.

By decking out a regular fiberglass satellite dish with 5,800 3/8" mirror-tiles, he’s created a ‘death ray’ with a focal point that he claims is 5,000 times hotter than the sun.

Sandy Bridge Bug 2X Costly as Pentium Math Bug

Sandy Bridge Bug 2X Costly as Pentium Math Bug

Sandy Bridge Debacle: What It Means for You

Intel Identifies Cougar Point Chipset Error, Halts Shipments

NVIDIA to intro Dual Gpu card next month?

Look out Radeon 5970, you have competition. Reports are out that NVIDIA are bringing their Dual-Gpu card the Geforce GTX 590 at around the same time AMD are to release their Radeon 6990 "Antilles" card.

Old Amazon Accounts at Risk Due to Security Flaw

So you think your password is a tough nut to crack. Think again. An Amazon  security flaw presents a whole new opportunity for anyone trying to gain access to an account. They don’t actually need to know your exact password because a variation of it will do in some cases.

Angry Birds Rio coming soon!

Rovio announced via its Twitter account last Friday, that the latest Angry Birds game will be in collaboration between Rovio and 20th Century Fox. This is part of a media campaign for an upcoming animated movie from the film studio.
Rio, which is due out in April, follows the story of a macaw named Blu who falls in love with a beautiful bird named Jewel and moves to Rio. The game sees our three favourite angry birds captured by an evil white bird hell bent on collecting rare species of birds for cash. It will be available ‘in app stores worldwide’ in March.
So get ready for some Anger Management sessions! Trailer is below for your enjoyment.

Core i7 2600k overclocked: Tomshardware