Monday, February 28, 2011

Apple Macbook 2011 refresh

Well, many bought into the rumour that the MacBook refresh would include AMD's next gen Fusion processors. However, as can been in the link beloew, that has not been the case.
Apple have stayed with Intel's Sandybridge architecture and have chosen to go with dual core i5's and i7's in the mainstream MacBooks and i7 Quad-Core processors in the
higher end MacBook Pros'. The 13 inch product has finally been upgraded from Core 2 Duo to an i5 Dual-Core. The most out of place so to say spec in the entire sheet is the inclusion of
5400 Rpm HDD's instead of the 7200 Rpm ones.

Lightpeak finally makes it way into the Apple lineup. Apple never had the intention of jumping in on the USB 3 bandwagon. This might result in them getting a lead over everyone else
as far as connectivity is concerned. Follow the link for the rest of the details.

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