Monday, February 7, 2011

Cast Away: One family's tryst with the wilderness of not using any Tech equipment.

How easy would it be to disconnect yourself from the electronic world for a six month stint? Hard you say? For the greater majority of modern folk, it would be a nearly impossible feat. Susan Maushart and her three teenage children took the plunge and came out all the better for the experience. They lost me at the juncture of totally going off the electrical grid for a few weeks. big grin

Like so many teens, they couldn't do their homework without simultaneously listening to music, updating Facebook and trading instant messages. If they were amused, instead of laughing, they actually said "LOL" aloud. Her girls had become mere "accessories of their own social-networking profile, as if real life were simply a dress rehearsal (or more accurately, a photo op) for the next status update."

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