Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reuters has a witness for the iPad 2!!

Reuters claims to have an eye witness who saw an iPad 2 at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. event yesterday. As far as we can tell, the witness didn’t get a very close look at the device, as all he managed to glean from the glimpse was that it has a front-facing camera “at the top edge of the glass screen.” A front-facing camera for video calling been rumored since the last iPad launched, so there’s no surprise there, but this is notable in that it’s the first reported sighting of a working prototype.

Reuters has another source that can apparently ‘confirm’ the device’s existence. This source also mentioned that the final launch model could have other features.

To clear the air, I must mention that there were no pictures and the Reuters witness didn’t actually see anything we didn’t already know. Still, if you’re ready to stalk down an iPad 2, there is apparently at least one out there and it was in NYC yesterday afternoon.

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