Wednesday, March 2, 2011

AMD Radeon 6990 pics out! the beast is finally seen

The battle is about to begin. Both AMD and NVIDIA are poised to launch their high end dual-GPU cards this month. Hexus had posted a few leaked pics of the 6990 a few days ago. Now it seems there is more concrete evidence of the existence of the AMD Radeon 6990. Will this beat the NVIDIA GTX 590 and keep its crown as king of the dual-GPU jungle or will NVIDIA reign supreme. Only time will tell. Till then here is a look at the brand new 6990 in full glory.
 A look at this and you feel like as if you just went to buy a Merc and ended up with something having the look of the Polo. For a high end beast that it is, this card has a very understated presence. Crouching tiger hidden dragon one may say.

 Following tradition from the Radeon 5970, this one is also expected to be nothing but two 6970's packed onto the same PCB. This means that there are somewhere around 3000 plus shader units onboard, not to mention some expect this to come in both 2GB and 4GB flavours which is yet unconfirmed.
 The Radeon 6990 is expected to be in the TDP bracket of about 300W.
The release dates of both the AMD Radeon 6990 and the NVIDIA GTX 590 are not known at this moment. A closely guarded secret in a cat and mouse game between both the companies.

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