Saturday, January 29, 2011

Install Custom Homebrew Firmware for jailbroken PS3

Now that you know how to Jailbreak a PS3 to v3.55, it is time to install you own custom home brew firmware on it.
Geohot is the one who a while ago published the hack for the PlayStation 3 and now you can learn how to install the custom homemade PlayStation 3 firmware, by reading the instructions in this post. So, Geohot decided to share with everyone the root keys for the PlayStation 3 and this means that now you can hack it.

Considering that the PlayStation 3 has been released in November, 2006 you might be temped to think that until now there was some other hacker that made public the PlayStation 3 root key, but you would be wrong, as Geohot is indeed the first hacker to hack and release for the public the PlayStation 3 root keys and using these, you will be able of installing a custom homemade PlayStation 3 Firmware. To install the custom home brew PS3 firmware you need an USB flash drive and do not perform any system update, as that will lock your device.

So, if you wish to know how to successfully install a custom home brew PS3 firmware on your gaming console, then you should follow the instructions listed below:
  1. First thing to do is to insert your USB flash stick into the PC.
  2. Now insert the following address into the root of the USB flash stick:’.
  3. Now you have to insert the USB flash stick into the PlayStation 3 console.
  4. Go to Game Tab and select ‘Install Package Files’.
  5. Now choose ‘test.pkg’ and the installation will start.
  6. When everything is set and done you will notice that the Geohot’s test package is listed under the Install Package Files.
  7. That’s it. Now you should wait for the PlayStation 3 community to create other packages.
Please note that I do not encourage anyone to install custom PS3 firmware nor hacking their gaming console. This post contains only informational content for the knowledge hungry.

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