Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pixelmator makes $1 million in 20 days on the Mac App Store, gives Adobe sleepless nights

London-based firm Pixelmator probably gave Adobe’s Photoshop team a few sleepless nights when they announced that they had made a whopping $1 million of sales in just 20 days on the recently launched Mac App Store.

Pixelmator is a lightweight image manipulation tool aimed at graphics professionals who may not need all of Photoshop’s tools and filters, and want to save money on Adobe’s hefty pricing. Pixelmator is currently on offer at just $29.99 in the Mac App Store. It offers many of the core features that Photoshop has such as layers, layer groups, gradients, transform tools, image/canvas size, typography formatting, optimization for web, and not to mention 64-bit performance (essential for snappy performance on Snow Leopard).

There are of course a few features still absent that Photoshop die-hards won’t be able to live without, such as layer styles and character spacing & line-height, but as Pixelmator has demonstrated, there is a sizeable demand for a lightweight graphic app to rival Photoshop, even just through the only recently released Mac App Store.

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