Friday, January 21, 2011

New Clarion in-car multimedia system VX 401E and VZ401E

Clarion has always laid a lot of importance to the connectivity and compatibility of its in-car entertainment systems, and consistently remained at the forefront of doing what it does best making world class audio systems with 100% compatibility functions.


  With Bluetooth and USB supported in-car audio systems becoming a must have even in entry level automobiles of today, Clarion latest multimedia systems now takes in-car gadgetry to a whole new level. The new and most advanced of its kin, the Clarion VX401E (2 DIN) and VZ401E (1 DIN) models have all the drivers and passengers needs fully taken care of with its endless list of advanced features providing the most refined in-car audio and video entertainment.

Apart from the usual audio playback option, the Clarion VX401E (2 DIN) and VZ401E (1 DIN) offers full audio and video functionality for iPod and iPhone users, and a Bluetooth interface that allows audio streaming via mobile phone, whilst also providing safe, hands-free access to a range of features on any supported phone. Both Clarion units are Official DivX® Certified products and support the DivX 6 format of the latest DVD-video, DVD-R and DVD-RW movie files.

All of this multimedia magic comes alive on a colourful fixed panel 2-DIN 6.2” WGA colour Digital LCD touch screen whose motorised flip-out screen is tilt adjustable, with both models featuring hard key controls for source and volume, adjustable brightness/contrast, and blue button illumination.

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