Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Three Kontron Platforms with AMD Embedded G series

This showed up today on AMD's corporate blog.

Kontron is a global leader and a continual innovator in embedded computing technology. We enable customers to focus on their core competencies by providing leading-edge engineering and highly-reliable embedded technology. With this task in mind, we will implement the new AMD Embedded G-Series on three different SFF (small form factor) designs.

As the advantages of embedded technology make gains in new vertical markets, such as multi-media content delivery applications, kiosks, POI/POS and the professional gaming arena, all of which make extremely high demands on graphics performance and require support via the latest APIs like DirectX® 11, OEMs have had to search for solutions that meet these stiff requirements so as to create rich visual experiences for users. The AMD Embedded G-Series platform is ideal for these embedded applications. And embedded boards and modules from Kontron with the new AMD Embedded G-Series provide all of these needed features on validated platforms that deliver advanced multimedia capabilities while reducing development efforts and optimizing time-to-market for graphics-intensive applications.
Besides the graphics oriented markets, we can also envisage applications in such fields as radar, sonar, and image recognition in a range of vertical markets. With the support for OpenCL™ 1.1 and Microsoft DirectCompute, parallel processing executed by the graphics core will speed up vector processing applications such as situational awareness and video surveillance in the industrial automation, military and medical markets. This is an area where the built-in parallel processing GPU will result in considerable cost savings as opposed to comparable performance using a number of multicore processors. And what’s more, the small footprint is ideal for SFF designs.

This highly attractive feature set makes our new boards and modules with the AMD Embedded G-Series APUs an ideal substitute for many existing platforms. But not just that — they can also be employed for completely new designs and application areas for SFF designs. By implementing the new AMD G-Series APUs on the most common form factors for graphics-intensive applications, Kontron is making the benefits of this innovative architecture readily available for application development.

The first available embedded Kontron product that will feature long-term availability and the highly scalable AMD Embedded G-Series platform is a COM Express™ Computer-on-Module. It will make its debut at the Embedded World trade show in Nuremberg. This launch will be followed by a compact embedded motherboard and an ultra-small SBC in the second quarter of 2011.

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